To maximize student achievement MAXIMUM learning system combines:




  • Rigorously selected (less than 3% of candidates become our teachers), trained and monitored
  • Possesses subject and methodic skills, integrates technology into teaching process
  • Focuses on student involvement and result
  • Systematically monitored and motivated to progress

MAXIMUM: By the numbers


years since launch

150 000


7 000 000

lesson sessions


cities in blended format




students from Russia and globally


educational programs

Our programs

Preparation for standardized exams

8-11 grades

Comprehensive preparation programs for the Unified State Examination (EGE) / Basic State Examination (OGE) in variety of formats: blended or online, individual or group lessons, online and mobile self—paced, as well as preparation for IELTS and TOEFL.

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K12 school subjects

5-8 grades

A range of individual training programs helping students with school subjects to help improve knowledge & skills and motivate learners to achieve academic goals and achieve progress towards graduating from school.

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IT and programming courses

6-10 grades

A range of individual and group programs aimed at developing digital skills: designing and developing websites, building mobile applications and games, creating and designing video blogs, assessing «digital» industry as a career track.

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English language

6-10 grades

English language learning programs aimed at improving knowledge, preparing for exams and entering university, as well as at mastering the language for use in everyday life: learning in groups, individually and within English-speaking club.

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Career guidance and self-determination

6-11 grades

A range of programs designed to help teenagers and their parents choose a professional trajectory and develop important personal skills.

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Educational exhibitions and information portal

6-11 grades

Hundreds of Russia’s top universities, tens of thousands of high school students, 51 exhibitions in 6 years in 11 cities of Russia and CIS. Our online admissions portal and live events help thousands of students make informed career choices.

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MAXIMUM for Schools


Programs and materials, assisting teachers with professional development. Includes technology, research and analytics helping teachers in daily tasks.

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Educational platform ReshuTest

Educational platform allows students prepare to OGE and EGE for free. Also, users of platform can practice exam tasks and real-time mode. For students were opened 9 subjects from the curriculum, to solve over 10 thousand tasks from actual EGE and OGE.
The educational platform also provides a free online assistant for teachers. It allows any teacher to create their own class for free. Afterward teachers can invite one or more students to a newly created class and give individual or joint tasks from the list. Student will receive "homework" in the personal account.

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Educational mobile app: « MAXIMUM: school, OGE, EGE 2021»

Using the app, students can prepare to OGE, EGE and school programm. The app includes more than 4 thousand tasks, 400 topics for 10 subjects of the school curriculum and 300 interactive video lessons.
Also, in September 2020 on a base of mobile app was lauched educational QA service whisch allows students any school subject quesionts to MAXIMUM teachers in real time. Users are able to ask questions to teachers in any form that is convenient for them without restrictions: text, video questions, photo questions, audio messages. The average waiting time for a teacher's response is no more than 10 minutes.
The app is available for download for mobile devices on the iOS and Android platforms.

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Mobile app: «MAXIMUM English»

Personal assistant for learning English students.

Learning formats at MAXIMUM

BlendedIn class & online

Online groupsOne to many live and self—paced format

Online small groupsLive (video conference) and self—paced format

Online 1:1Live 1:1 online sessions and self-paced trajectory

Our history

Our partners

Collaborate with us

Become our partner

We are open to collaboration with educational, technology, and marketing partners.

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Launch MAXIMUM in your city country!

We provide our partners with a necessary set of technologies, instructions, methodology and support the launch from scratch. We provide a step-by-step support to our regional partners when scaling the business.

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